Outdoor life is about exploring! - Mount Yale Outdoor Company

Outdoor life is about exploring!

Here at Mount Yale Outdoor Company, we believe that outdoor life is about living life your way and experiencing it fully.  How about these photos for some inspiration!

See the best pictures of summer from Nat Geo photographers

As fall approaches, take a look back at these gorgeous photos of summer around the world.

CHILDHOOD SUMMERS FEEL like magic. Mine brings to mind salt spray on the New Jersey Shore and birthday candles on ice cream cake. And though adults don’t get the official three-month holiday break, summer’s long days and balmy weather still make the adventure of travel even more tempting.

As August wanes, we asked National Geographic photographers to help us hold onto the last of the season with a look back at their favorite summertime scenes. From Arctic sea ice to Chinese train cars, from family memories to solitary moments, the 23 images they shared each tell a different story of summer.


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